Friday, February 01, 2008

Last night, I've stumbled upon a very cool online store that sells theatrical contact lenses. They sell contact lenses that look like Uchiha's Bloodline Limit, the Sharingan. I'm a Naruto fan, and I really find these lenses very cool:

In the Naruto anime, the Sharingan is a special genetic ability that allows the user to perceive motion clearer than normal eyes, and lets him see through Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. It also lets him copy motion and even ninja techniques, and can subliminally input ideas into his victim.

The Sharingan user has the power of letting his victims perceive 24 hours of illusion for every second that the victim looks into his eye. A Sharingan user can torture and break down the mental defenses of their victims this way, making them a fearsome enemy in the battlefield.

Sharingan users, such as Itachi and Sasuke don't have much creativity though. If I had Sharingan abilities, I'd use it for sex. I'd let my partner feel 24 hours of bliss for every second she looks into my eyes. Itachi and Sasuke really need to get laid. The battlefield is such a bad place to use their abilities.

I wish I could have one of those. But for $200 per pair, well...

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