Saturday, March 15, 2008

Because Earth has not yet experienced a full rotation since posting my last journal entry, a significant percentage of the Earth's population still exist on a date of March 14, rendering my licence to communicate in a manner fittingly absurd as a Physicist still valid.

Approximately 8 hours ago, a set of people entered a game simulation involving a virtual interaction of two teams, labeled Terrorists and Counter-terrorists, using processing machines that were interconnected in a network. This set of people simulated a game scenario of life and death by feeding input to the devices, mouse and keyboard, based on their judgement of visual and aural information acquired through the monitor and headset. This set of people perpetually inputted information to the devices, until the upper limit of their organic processes were reached.

Interacting with the game simulation has the expected after-effect of lowering their glucose levels in their bloodstream because the whole process consumes energy. As their glucose levels went below their lower threshold, nerve signals were sent to their brain, signaling parasympathetic reactions that cause these people to seek organic fuel, commonly known as food.

The primary objective of engaging in this simulation was to accelerate the rate of their subjective experience of the space-time conundrum that these people were located in. It was observed that the simulation invokes a discontinuity in space-time, which signals the people's brain to release endorphins. This chemical reaction alters their experience of reality, colloquially known as the state of being happy.

Certain people, however, experienced prolonged exposure to endorphins long after the simulation has ended. This is most likely because of endorphin-caffeine reaction in his bloodstream that drastically altered his brain, causing him to post scientific theories in his journal, also known as a blog.

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