Friday, April 04, 2008

The files in my workstation are getting messy now. The files are all over the place and the libraries are out of whack. We didn't use virtual machines and/or prototype boxes a few years back, so this workstation served as both my working computer and prototype box.

I think I'll just reformat this and do a clean FreeBSD-7.0 install. I'll just transfer /home to an external hard drive.

I have a spare SATA hard disk lying idle at my home. I wonder if I could buy a hard disk enclosure at CD-R King that supports SATA. CD-R King sells computer accessories at inexpensive prices but I have to line up for almost an hour just to buy something because everything is done manually.

I dunno why they don't streamline their process. They claim that letting their salesgirls write the receipts manually on paper saves operating costs, which they pass on to the consumers. POS is expensive, they say. If they only observe their customers, most of them leave and go to other stores and spend additional P100 rather than wait.

If they don't want to use POS systems, maybe they could rearrange the layout of their stores and let the customers bring the items to the counter.

Anyway, I hope they'll still be around after being slapped with penalties for smuggling. :)

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