Saturday, January 17, 2009

I think here's what I need to do in order to document my dreams while preserving most of their details:
  • Turn on my Eee PC or MacBook before I sleep.
  • Type the keywords instead of typing whole sentences.
  • Reassemble the dream using the keywords.
I also found out that I usually forget my dream if I wake up after n hours. I don't know the exact value of n yet.

Even if I discover the value of n, I don't think that I can use an alarm to wake myself up. Alarms usually don't have an effect on me. :)


Anonymous said...

Wahaha I also would want to record my dreams. But they're a hassle. You get a lot of dreams in your sleep, around some seconds to barely a minute each and you only get to remember the latest prior to waking up unless you get a good night's sleep... Phew.

ZeroneLife said...

good idea , try to make a dream recorder machine , it can read the visual part of brain and translate them to video .