Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm too lazy to upload my pics. Dunno... I enjoy taking pics but I dunno... blah. It's 11:23PM. I haven't eaten my lunch yet. w00h00! I'm a vampire. I'll go to IT Park and eat lunch. Am I typing my thoughts online? I'll get the camera from the office. I'm too lazy to sort through the pics. Sorting is boring. Is it really boring or am I just rationalizing that it's boring because in reality, my brain is not equipped to sort things. I see things as inter-connected possibilities, and sorting means categorizing things and putting them inside a box, but I can usually see a hundred categories for different objects and concepts. I can't prioritize things because everything has equal priority. Blah. I'm hungry. Is there a name for what I'm doing? I think this is a braindump. Debugging my Life's Core Dump. I'm really hungry. I wish I can teleport anywhere. I want to cook. I cooked at someone's house' last week. I enjoy the process of cooking. Ei, this is like taking pics. I enjoy the process of taking pics but I find the end result boring. Dunno next week. Dunno where I'll sleep next week. I'm hungry I need to stop typing now. What is the purpose of this blog? What gave me the motivation to do an online brain dump? Generalizing the problem. What motivates a person to perform certain things? Can we exploit it in order to stimulate ourselves to perform those things whenever we don't feel like doing it? It, they, is, are. I don't know why, but I'm usually confused when to use singular or plural thingy. "It" has different meaning, and its meaning is constantly changing inside my head. Whoa, this is my braindump. Many thoughts occur inside my head. 11:37-11:23pm. These are my thoughts for the past 14 minutes. I'm hungry. I need to stop blogging now.

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