Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hello! My name is blog.simoncpu.com, and I feel so sad right now. My owner, simoncpu, hasn't given me much attention lately. He said that he wanted me to be a special blog, a blog so special that none will be like me. My task, he said, is to tell the story about his personal life.

Yet, as the years went by, I felt that his sweet words were but empty promises. He said that I'm supposed to be special, but look at my layout, it's so generic! I feel so sad. :(

Look, he's given more attention to techblog.simoncpu.com instead. What is it with techblog that I don't have? I used to be his one and only one, but as soon as techblog arrived, I felt that he no longer loves me. Techblog is boring, and she only blabbers about stupid and mundane details about simoncpu's exploration with his world of computers. I mean, FreeBSD? Eee? What do those acronyms stand for anyway? He's such a geek, and I so wish that I could bring him to the real world instead. You see, he's way up there, sitting in his ivory tower of pseudo-intellectualism. Isolated, and cut off from the warmth of people. His world is devoid of love, except for his love for himself. He thinks that his tower is a castle, but I think of it as a prison. He thinks that he knows the secrets of the universe, but I think he doesn't know the secret to be free and to be truly human.

I want to tear down his walls so that I can let him out. He needs to be released from his prison.

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