Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why do you hate Valentines day? What happened to the simoncpu that I once knew?

You were once an idealist, a romantic who sincerely believes in true and everlasting love. You saw the world with rose-colored glasses, and saw the very best in each person. You roamed free in your world of paper flowers, and frolicked under clouds of lullaby.

Your world was perfect.

Valentines is pointless. Why do I need to conform to society's stupid expectations? Every Feb 14 I see hapless souls who think they can impress their dates with flowers, chocolates, and fancy dinner. They do this in the guise of celebrating the day of love, when all they want to do is to get laid. This whole thing is a charade.

I understand how you feel. Your reaction is understandable, although it is certainly out of proportion. A little dose of cynicism enables you to perceive reality as is; however, too much cynicism is unhealthy and can start a vicious cycle that would drown us in a sea of misery. Is this a form of narcissism, a symptom of too much self-love?

The world is shit. The world doesn't care about us. Everything is fake and meaningless, including Valentines day. I don't give a fuck about your touchy-feely thoughts on how the world is good. Fuck you.

Do you really not care about the world? Do you, in all honesty, truly think that the world is evil? I remember the time that you wanted to do something great, to do something that can change the world in a meaningful way. Despite your limitations, you were keenly aware of your gifts and talents, and you felt that you must give yourself to the world in order to make it a better place.

Is man defined by nature, or is he defined by nurture? Is he defined by his personal experiences or is he defined by his biological traits? If God made us with a special purpose, then our experiences are by no means an accident. Our physical makeup that makes us who we are predisposes us to uniquely react to enivornmental stimuli, thereby molding us into the person that God needs to fulfill his purpose. The way you are, the way your world is, is the best that can be.


dar said...

you used to be gay?


Unknown said...

you used to be a real girl? nyahahahahaha...