Monday, July 28, 2014

How to ship OnePlus One to unsupported countries like the Philippines

Sorry for trolling you guys in my previous post. I was frustrated at how hard to get the invite, so I decided to channel my frustrations into childish trolling. Hahaha. :p

Anyway, I was able to finally buy the OnePlus One, and it's now being shipped to Johnny Air. Below are the notes to solve the problems that I've encountered.

An actual picture of a OnePlus One
You don't have an invite.

Participate in the forums. Spam the people at I was able to get their e-mail addresses via "creative" spammy means, but they didn't respond. Lelz. You can also buy an invite.


You're from an unsupported country like the Philippines.

Use a freight forwarder inside one of their supported countries. I used Johnny Air to forward the phone from New York to Cebu. On hindsight, it might have been more efficient to forward the phone from Hong Kong, but I can no longer change the shipping address because the phone is already on its way.


Paypal's retarded policy prevents you from using a shipping address outside your country. Paypal gives the following error:

"We're sorry, PayPal Philippines accounts cannot ship purchases to United States."

Create a new PayPal account and use the freight forwarder's address as your shipping address. Disconnect your card from your old account and transfer your card details to the new one. There's probably no need to transfer your card if you just transfer the funds from your old account to your new one, but you have to pay a transfer fee. Paypal is retarded. I have many bad experiences with Paypal (they froze my account and they took more than a month to unfreeze it), but I have no choice but to use their services. I wish Bitcoin will take off.

I'm straying out of topic again. Hahaha...


Anonymous said...

Hi friends,
How about the bill address in 1+ store . Did you set 1+'s bill as shpping address of forwarder? I agree we need create new PP acc with Forwarder's link to CC. That work for me. But the 1+ had reversed my order.

Unknown said...

Paypal has already freezed my account, but I have bought a couple of OnePlus One phones already...

Their policy is retarded; there is nothing illegal or unethical about this. OnePlus One makes money, Paypal makes money, and we get our phone. Everyone wins. :-/