Thursday, July 24, 2014

OnePlus One Invites

Hey guys! I've just received my invite for a OnePlus One and I have 3 invites to share to others too! Please grab your invite at:

Enjoy your new OnePlus One! =)

Full specs:


crazyatheart said...

Hey fellow blogger!
I can't wait to get this phone, and I'm waiting on the invite!
I see you have a couple to spare, if I'm not mistaken. Could I get one off you, it would be my first one? I promise to reciprocate one when I get mine, if you need one at a later stage. I have already pledged any extra invites that I procure to others, spread the joy around.

( is where you can can send it, if you do pass it on to me


crazyatheart said...

Also, the link takes me to some youtube video?

Anonymous said...

troll.. are you happy now?

Unknown said...

Can you give me an invitation ?