Friday, September 19, 2008


There are infinite ways to store music. One exciting way is to gather a large group of pirates and hang them upside down to let them represent a series of bits. A live pirate represents 1 bit while a dead pirate represents 0 bit. Music can be stored efficiently this way. This is a write-once storage medium because bits can only be turned off, not on. Ninjas prefer this storage medium.

Wouldn't it be cool to let the pirates double as a music player too? The pirates can be arranged into an array and their heights can be represented as a single note which they need to sing. The space between the pirates represents time. Their heights can be manipulated by the simple process of cutting off their limbs. This method is energy-efficient because we need not use electricity, although it would be cool to electrocute the pirates while they sing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

At last, I found the book I am a Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadter. I tried buying this from Amazon, but they didn't want to transact with shoppers from the Philippines. I went in to Powerbooks Cebu yesterday without any intention of buying anything, but I couldn't resist playing with their computer kiosk because... because I don't know. I like poking things and pushing buttons. It's amusing. Anyway, I found out that they were selling one copy, so I grabbed it and went outside immediately to pee because I drank too much Pepsi and coffee. Caffeine is diuretic. It also causes you to type your thoughts into a blog because... because I don't know. I'm just bored and I like poking things and stuff, such as my keyboard. I also like to poke readers such as you. I hope I could see your reaction after reading this post, wondering why I didn't make any attempts on structuring it. I fancy my self as being a surrealist or something, but I really have no idea on what surrealism is. I have hacked into your computer. A 32x32 grid of pixels in the upper right corner of your monitor has been capturing 12 frames per seconds for the past few minutes, and have transmitted images into my Database of People who Read Non-sense blogs... blah blah blah...