Sunday, August 03, 2014

Fake OnePlus One at Lazada

I'm posting this in order to help "SEO" factual information on the Internet. DO NOT buy the phone at Lazada. It's the Chinese version with ColorOS, and the sellers replaced the phone's OS with Cyanogenmod to make it look like a legitimate International OnePlus One.

Surprise: did you know that you can actually buy the One Plus One from the official site without an invite or without going to a third-party seller like Oppomart? You can even buy accessories! Just go to their Chinese site for more details. Lelz. The Chinese website is registered to 深圳市万普拉斯贸易有限公司, (Plath Shenzhen Trading Co., Ltd., according to Google translate). Proceed with caution.

Monday, July 28, 2014

How to ship OnePlus One to unsupported countries like the Philippines

Sorry for trolling you guys in my previous post. I was frustrated at how hard to get the invite, so I decided to channel my frustrations into childish trolling. Hahaha. :p

Anyway, I was able to finally buy the OnePlus One, and it's now being shipped to Johnny Air. Below are the notes to solve the problems that I've encountered.

An actual picture of a OnePlus One
You don't have an invite.

Participate in the forums. Spam the people at I was able to get their e-mail addresses via "creative" spammy means, but they didn't respond. Lelz. You can also buy an invite.


You're from an unsupported country like the Philippines.

Use a freight forwarder inside one of their supported countries. I used Johnny Air to forward the phone from New York to Cebu. On hindsight, it might have been more efficient to forward the phone from Hong Kong, but I can no longer change the shipping address because the phone is already on its way.


Paypal's retarded policy prevents you from using a shipping address outside your country. Paypal gives the following error:

"We're sorry, PayPal Philippines accounts cannot ship purchases to United States."

Create a new PayPal account and use the freight forwarder's address as your shipping address. Disconnect your card from your old account and transfer your card details to the new one. There's probably no need to transfer your card if you just transfer the funds from your old account to your new one, but you have to pay a transfer fee. Paypal is retarded. I have many bad experiences with Paypal (they froze my account and they took more than a month to unfreeze it), but I have no choice but to use their services. I wish Bitcoin will take off.

I'm straying out of topic again. Hahaha...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

OnePlus One Invites

Hey guys! I've just received my invite for a OnePlus One and I have 3 invites to share to others too! Please grab your invite at:

Enjoy your new OnePlus One! =)

Full specs:

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Went back to trading a few weeks ago, but my portfolio is bloody red. The only green stock is an odd lot from BDO's dividends. I sold most of them at profit because BDO's price is nearing its fair value. Will buy back if it becomes cheap again. The 13% "loss" is an odd lot from Metrobank, also sold at profit. The stock market is boring. I lost a lot (relatively, at a time when I was young and broke) a few years ago when I speculated on what was clearly a manipulated stock. I promised myself not to buy another basura (trash) stock like Calata, but I'm still hardheaded. See that 16% loss up there? It's from another basura.

I don't know if this is a stupid thing to do, but I think I'll continue to buy trash as long as I don't put my eggs in one basket. My eggs look OK so far LOLz:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello blog

I think I need to post some travel blogs or something. There are lots of pics and videos in my cams, but they remain unpublished. I wish there was a decent video editor for Linux. Tried Openshot, Kdenlive, Lightworks, and Pitivi, all to no avail. My laptop's hard disk is filling up with photos and useless GoPro footages. Hahaha...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pervasive Facebook

Facebook + Oculus VR:

Greetz to Manny in Heaven. Thanks for helping me share my idea back in InfoWeapons. FB has the same idea too... we're living in the future already! =)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Blog,

Here are my lame excuses on why I'm giving up my dream of doing a startup.  Someday I will look back into this article and erase this after realizing that this is lame.  Until that day comes, I will post this entry anyway... Hehe...

Years ago, I wanted to build a service where users can request the amount of CPU power, memory, disk space, and network bandwidth that they need.  With a click of a button, I envisioned that this service would run a back-end script that would start Xen/VMWare servers and configure them with the necessary settings (i.e., IP address, host name, passwords, SSH keys).  I knew that this can also serve as the foundation for building a service that would automate the process of deploying websites.  Web developers can simply commit code to CVS (hg and git didn't exist back then), and scripts would automatically update the servers with the required files.

Why I didn't push through with this idea (i.e., a list of lame rationalizations in life):
  • I don't live in Silicon Valley.  Everyone that I talk to thinks that I'm crazy or stupid.  Most of my geek friends haven't even heard of Linux or Xen.
  • I don't have easy access to capital.  Sure, I can borrow money from investors, but it requires social skills and a wide network of business contacts.  I tried to borrow money from my mom but the conversation went something like this:

    Me: Mom, can I borrow money and start a business?
    Mom: What are you trying to do? How much do you need?
    Me: I want to quit work and create a product.  I don't have a plan, but quitting work will free my mind for creative pursuits.  I will think up of a plan as I go along.  I just need to survive for a year or two without income.
    Mom: Are you out of your mind? Blah blah blah, you need to go back to school! Blah blah blah... it's too risky.
    Me: But I can still take on freelance jobs...
    Mom: Blah blah blah stable job blah blah blah think of your future blah blah...
    Me: *sadface*
 Anyway, here are the list of things that I want to do if I have free time:
  • Create a browser extension that would communicate with mobile phones and tablets as you browse the Web.  This is useful for developing responsive websites for both desktop and mobile.  The mobile phones would "follow" your browser as you navigate.
  • Create a browser extension that would modify Gmail or Yahoo's page, and insert your contact's publicly available information (i.e., Twitter/FB status, LinkedIn, Gravatar, etc).
  • Create an SMS (not required; can be via WiFi) authentication service that can easily integrate to Web apps or network appliances. Useful for implementing two-factor authentication.
  • Create a USB NAS. Portable NAS device that can be connected to a portable hard disk.
  • Create a file sharing system for large files.  Computers will simply rsync the files to/from a central server in the background.  A distributed "file system" is probably cool, but I don't know how this would work if the user would turn off his PC.
  • Create an augmented reality MMORPG and/or social networking system that overlays data to the real world through the use of smart phones or VR glasses.
  • Create a 3D QR app for mobile phones.  Users can just scan a newspaper or magazine, and a 3D image of the product will pop up.
  • Android client for automatically configuring IPv6. A gogoclient for mobile phones.
Blah, it's 12:30am already.  I need to stop blogging now.  I still have lots of ideas in my head. Weeeeeeeeee...