Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to Win the PCSO Lotto

On Monday, the lotto prize is expected to reach P738 million. There is a way to successfully profit from this lotto but it requires P580 million to pull this off.

The formula for calculating the number of combinations for the 6/55 lotto is
55! / (6! * (55 - 6)!)
It means that there are a total of 28,989,675 possible combinations.

Each entry costs P20. Thus, betting on all possible combinations would cost P579,793,500. Subtract that from P738 million and you now have a profit of at least P158 million.

Gi-atay wala koy P58o million!!! Aaaaargh....

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Anonymous said...

If by some dumb luck someone else also has the winning combination, you're gonna split the prize. So around 500m - 350m = 150m lost. You wouldn't bet on that. :))