Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I was amused when I saw this webcomic. I've always thought that the universe is a computation, a cellular automaton that emerged from... I dunno... from the very nature of information itself, I guess. I think that the concrete world we live in now is abstract underneath.

God is Logos, and Logos is God. God is a consciousness that emerged from logic just as Man's consciousness emerged from his brain's soup of molecules. Yummy soup. I think I'm just hungry, making me wax philosophical. Blah, blah, blah. No, of course I don't want to eat your brain, Claire; that's disgusting.

A note on the accompanying pic: it was supposed to be a henna tattoo representing the Hacker Emblem (I like to vandalize my face every Sinulog festival), but unfortunately, I forgot a single cell. By forgetting a single cell, this pattern will annihilate in mere 3 generations. *poof*

I was too lazy to fix this, so I just gave it new meaning:

Curiosity leads to hacking; hacking leads to not getting laid; not getting laid leads to suffering. Suffering is self-annihilation, the death of us all...

See? That was so profound! And sexy! Your nose is bleeding already.

I'm a hungry pseudo-philosopher who sincerely believes that reifying logic doesn't constitute a fallacy. I'm not a religious person at all, but my faith in the existence of a First Cause lies here.

But why Rule 34? I think scientists are risking the complete destruction of the Earth by building a doomsday device that would swallow us in a black hole, only to find out that all of existence is built using Rule 110, the simplest known Turing-complete system. Rule 34? I think it's porn.

Ooh, cellular automata porn sounds exciting! If we're still alive after scientists activate their doomsday device, I wish it would open a portal to Xen so that I can have my very own alien pet.

Friday, November 07, 2008

I have this weird idea on using DOTA heroes for Soul Calibur IV, so I made some custom characters. Here are some Playstation 3 screenshots.

Lina Inverse, Hiten Mitsurugi Style:

Lina Inverse, using the Sexy Mitsurugi Style:

Even sexier, the dangerous SimonCPU in his attack stance:

(more pics...)

I used Mitsurugi Heishirō as the base character for Lina Inverse, because his affinity with fire jibes with Lina's Dragon Slave and Light Strike Array. Mitsurugi's lightning special move also jibes with Lina's Laguna Blade. I was hoping to use Algol because he can fly just like Lina, and his mode of attack is by channeling energies through his body. Unfortunately, Algol is not available as base character.

I also made Rylai Crestfall using Kilik as the base character, but I don't have her screenshots.