Friday, December 02, 2011

Solution to the GCHQ Code Cracking Challenge

eb04afc2 bfa381ec 0cfec175 f931c0ba d0c1ca08 8a1c0c8a
fec175e8 e95c0000 005c583d 41414141 753b5a89 d189e689
d189df29 cf31c031 8a14068a 341e8834 8a1c168a 1730da88
d8fec0cd 809090e8

00010000 31c9880c efbeadde 02040c00 3c04881c 04883c0c

0089e381 c3040000 7543583d 42424242 df29cff3 a489de89
db31d2fe c0021c06 0688141e 00f230f6 17474975 de31db89
9dffffff 41414141

At last, I have finally found the solution to the GCHQ Code Cracking challenge.  After running an analysis on the above code, I discovered that it contains a message that is encrypted with a simple ROT13 cipher, which is:


The last step for decrypting the above code is left as an excercise to the reader.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

*poof, magic*

The original text is hiding in plain sight. :)

Friday, April 01, 2011

Hi everyone! I finally solved the mysterious encrypted note that the FBI posted a few days ago. The contents are a bit sensitive, so I'm encrypting it with ROT13 to prevent Google from indexing it. Here it is:

Jr'er ab fgenatref gb ybir
Lbh xabj gur ehyrf naq fb qb V
N shyy pbzzvgzrag'f jung V'z guvaxvat bs
Lbh jbhyqa'g trg guvf sebz nal bgure thl

V whfg jnaan gryy lbh ubj V'z srryvat
Tbggn znxr lbh haqrefgnaq

Arire tbaan tvir lbh hc
Arire tbaan yrg lbh qbja
Arire tbaan eha nebhaq naq qrfreg lbh
Arire tbaan znxr lbh pel
Arire tbaan fnl tbbqolr
Arire tbaan gryy n yvr naq uheg lbh