Friday, April 03, 2009

I've just woke up. I dreamt that I was going to a UP campus in order to fetch mom. She's having a seminar at Room 4004 (404?), near the building exit. When I reached their building, I was surprised to find out that the school is named Bradford Highschool. I asked, "Whoa... WTF? I thought we're inside UP." Someone replied, "It used to be part of UP. UP High is no more."

I went around the building and saw my grandma and relatives gathered around a table. I'm supposed to do "mano po" (a Filipino custom of placing the elder's backhand into one's forehead as a sign of respect) so I went to my grandma first. Grandma gave me a puzzled look. I realized that she was too young to be grandma; my real grandma was on the opposite side of the table.

I went outside the campus to explore. After going out through the backdoor, I just saw a street with signs of urban decay. There's an LRT above it. Beside the backdoor exit is a polluted river. The scene was very boring and I wanted to go back to find more exciting things to do.

I turned back but I can no longer find the backdoor. I was lost. I went inside a restaurant and asked a pretty girl for directions. She said, "Legend has it that there's an entry to where you want to go. I don't know where it is exactly." I was about to leave, when her companion suddenly asked me, "Hey, she thinks you're cute. Can we have your number?"

I continued to find the backdoor. I think I got lost inside a hotel, where there was a party going on. Another girl gave me an interest indicator, and attempted to strike a conversation with me. I just ignored her because I was a bit pissed. All I want is to get back to the campus. Suddenly, I realised, "This is stupid. I have a strong sense of direction yet I don't know where I am right now. Where am I right now?"

Suddenly, I realized that I'm inside a dream. There was no backdoor because reality is fluid inside this dimension. Linear concepts, such as going from point A to B would no longer work, and attempting to go back from point B to A is just a futile exercise. "Okay then", I said to myself. "I'll just teleport my way out of here." Before I could do that though, I received an SMS message from +6333335663 (I didn't count the number of 3s). I was surprised that I could read inside a dream. I think I've read somewhere that dreams are supposed to be in black and white, and it's impossible to read inside them because our left side of the brain is a bit inactive. Well, now I know that it's BS.

I need to stop blogging now. I need to pack up my things because I'll be leaving for Bohol in a few hours. I can't find my shoes because it's been quite some time I last wore them. Blah... Why do we need to wear shoes on formal occasions? I don't like to wear shoes.

Coffee... coffee... I want coffee... I haven't taken my daily dose of coffee yet... Coffee...