Monday, June 08, 2009

Just got back from Dumaguete. I wish I could just download everything from my brain. Blah blah blah, hey, let's do an experiment. I think I should pattern my blog on my thought processes.

Scene 1: The wind is strong, the waves are big. Traveling from Apo Island to Malatapay was a scary experience to some of my companions. You can see it in their faces.

It's unfair; I want to sit in front of the boat and experience the waves splash on my face. I want to feel the sensation of free fall as the turbulent waves violently rock our boat and threaten to capsize it. I don't want to smudge my henna tattoo.

People's uniqueness are interesting. Some fear the loss of their lives right now. I fear for the loss of my electronic equipment. I'm glad I didn't bring my cam. Everything is wet.

This is so cool, it's like a roller coaster ride! I want to sit in front of the boat. Blah, the tattoo.

The waves are getting stronger! Woohoo! This is so fun! If we die, at least we die happy.

Why do people react the way the they do? Why do I react the way I do? Am I crazy? Yes I am.

My primary mode of thinking is the introverted thinking process. In situations like this, the thinking process silences my feeling and controls my inner world. I feel so calm right now. My extraverted intuition welcomes this novel experience with open arms.

I must learn not to rely solely on thinking though. The key to growth is balance. Over-analysis is bad. I tend to insult people with my analysis even if I'm just merely making a statement.

Scene 2: I'm back in Cebu. I'm blogging my experiences. Blogging random thoughts feels so natural. There's food in my cubicle. I forgot about it last week. Now it smells bad. It's almost 9:30am. I'll continue blogging later.