Friday, April 01, 2011

Hi everyone! I finally solved the mysterious encrypted note that the FBI posted a few days ago. The contents are a bit sensitive, so I'm encrypting it with ROT13 to prevent Google from indexing it. Here it is:

Jr'er ab fgenatref gb ybir
Lbh xabj gur ehyrf naq fb qb V
N shyy pbzzvgzrag'f jung V'z guvaxvat bs
Lbh jbhyqa'g trg guvf sebz nal bgure thl

V whfg jnaan gryy lbh ubj V'z srryvat
Tbggn znxr lbh haqrefgnaq

Arire tbaan tvir lbh hc
Arire tbaan yrg lbh qbja
Arire tbaan eha nebhaq naq qrfreg lbh
Arire tbaan znxr lbh pel
Arire tbaan fnl tbbqolr
Arire tbaan gryy n yvr naq uheg lbh


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